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Our Board of Directors is committed to shaping the company’s vision, fostering innovation, and ensuring unwavering commitment to our clients and stakeholders. With their collective expertise and unwavering dedication, our board members are driving forces behind our continued success.


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Dillip Motwani

Chairman, Motwani Constructions.
Mr. Dilip Motwani - Chairman of Motwani Constructions

Mr. Dillip Motwani is a giant figure in the Real Estate Sector of Odisha, having a vast experience of 40 years in the Real Estate Domain. He was the founder of Laxmi Builders in 1997.

His collaborative approach and ability to inspire and motivate clients, employees, and stakeholders have created a positive culture known as ‘The Tradition of Trust.’

Our leaderships

Chairman, Motwani Constructions.

Managing Director, Motwani Constructions

Managing Director, Motwani Constructions